Frequently asked questions fees 2019

Please find below an outline of the frequently asked questions regarding our fees and our product range for 2019. Can you not find your question? Please contact the Customer Relations department at



What are the changes for 2019?
KinderRijk will raise its fees from 1st January 2019. Below you will find an outline of our new hourly fees:


Type of careHourly fees at KinderRijk
Day care€ 8.45
Half-day care€ 8.74
After-school care€ 7.36
Pre-school care€ 7.36
Piccolo Mio Mondo group              .€ 8.45


Type of careHourly fees at KinderRijk
Day care, 11 hours a day€ 8.60
Day care, 10.5 hours a day€ 8.82
Half-day care€ 8.90
After-school care€ 7.51
Pre-school care€ 7.51

KinderRijk’s product range will change as well as we’ll only be offering the 52-week care package from 2019: always open during weekdays, except on public holidays. The 52-week care package will from 2019 standard apply to all new care contracts for your child(ren) or care contracts for a second child and/or subsequent children in your family.

If you’re currently using a 51-week care package (no care between Christmas and New Year’s Day), you may retain this package until your current care contract ends.

How do I find out what net hourly fees apply to me?
Please use the calculation tool on our website to simply calculate the net fees for care next year.

What further charges apply to me?
As always, KinderRijk’s rates are all-inclusive fees*: There are no additional charges for example for diapers, drinks, meals, fruit and activities.

*Food is included in the price at our care, except for dietary foods or really specific dietary needs. Please go to our selection or to specific foods at parents’ request for further information.

What do I have to pay if I want to use an extra day or part of the day?
An extra part of the day in day care costs € 46.48. An extra full day costs € 92.95.
An extra part of the day in half-day care costs € 43.70.
An extra part of the day in after-school care costs € 36.80 per part of the day and € 73.60 for a full day.

Why is it necessary to increase the hourly fees?
The object of the Child-Care Innovation and Quality Act (CCIQ) is to raise the standards and accessibility of child care. The Act has partially been effective since 2018. From 2019, additional CCIQ measures will be in force when KinderRijk we will be working with educational coaches as well as with the new professional staff/child ratio. We will therefore require more educational staff to provide for the care of the same number of children.

Further to the implementation of these cost-price raising CCIQ measures, KinderRijk will again have to allow for a 3% increase in the collective-labour agreement from 2019.

KinderRijk is a non-profit child-care organisation. This means that we don’t aspire profit maximisation, but quality child care. To be able to continue to provide quality childcare at present as well as in the future, we need sufficient financial resources to work cost-effectively. Only in this way can we, together with the children, let them thrive based on our educational views by giving them scope in the magic world of discovery and creation.

Why are different hourly fees applied at different locations?
The cost price for our locations in Amsterdam is considerably higher due to for example the booming housing market in Amsterdam. That’s why we make a distinction between the locations in Amsterdam and in Amstelveen. A distinction is moreover made between (the increase in) the fees for the different types of care, again, due to the difference in the cost price. With the measures under the Act on Innovation and Quality in Child Care, the increase of the cost price for day care is larger than the cost price for after-school care.

Can I pay by the hour instead of a full day?
Paying by the hour is not an option. KinderRijk charges parts of the day (mornings and/or afternoons), for day care, half-day care and after-school care. The hourly rate would increase if care was to be provided per hour, since the overheads for KinderRijk would continue (salaries for educational staff, rent, utilities etc.).

I don’t use day care during holidays. Is it possible not to be charged for holidays?
KinderRijk offers care contracts for 52 weeks. This keeps the hourly rate down and you will receive a higher child-care allowance. Obviously, you’re not required to bring your child to child care during holidays, however, the payment obligation will still be effective.

Why do I pay the full amount per day from the first familiarisation day?
KinderRijk reserves a full day for your child, also during the familiarisation period. On that very day we are not able to place another child. This gives us the opportunity to give your child all due time and space to become familiarised.
As a compensation, you will receive digital credits. This will allow you to use an extra day twice without payment.



How much is the tax allowance per hour in 2019?
For day care and half-day care, the allowance will be € 8.02 per hour.
For after-school care, the allowance will be € 6.89 per hour.

I want to apply for child-care allowance. How do I find out what number of care hours I use every month?
Based on the number of parts of the day used, you can simply find the number of hours for each month in this outline. If you have any questions about this, please contact our Customer-relations department at or on 020 – 426 08 66.



I have a contract for 51 weeks of care. Can I decide on the closing days by myself?
No, this will not be possible. If you opt for a 51-week package, there will be no care for your child between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It will not be possible to use compensation days for child care in this week either if you have a 51-week package.

I have a contract for 51 weeks and would like to change to a 52-week package. Is this possible?
Yes, this will be possible. Please let us know at You will then be sent an appendix to your contract, which must be carefully retained.



Do I pay any additional fees during school-closing days and study days when after-school care provides full care days?
KinderRijk’s after-school care locations are open when the school associated with KinderRijk is closed (i.e. during holidays and study days). You will not pay any extra fees if this concurs with your child’s regular care day. This has already been offset in the fixed hourly rate. If your child comes on a different extra day, an extra care fee of € 36.80 per part of the day or € 73.60 for a full day applies.

Why are there no adjusted fees for Wednesdays and Fridays in after-school care?
Although we provide more hours of care on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, the fee is the same. Therefore, there’s a financial benefit in using care for your child on Wednesdays or Fridays. Places are usually available in the short term on these days.



My child attends half-day care. I’m not entitled to a child-care allowance, but I do receive a subsidy from the municipality. How do I find out what net hourly rates are applicable for me?
The subsidy amounts from the City of Amstelveen for 2019 have not yet been published. We are therefore not yet able to tell you how the net hourly fee will work out for you in 2019. We will let you know as soon as we have further information about this.

My child attends half-day care; can I opt for a certain package at half-day care?
No, at half-day care you will automatically receive a contract for 51 weeks if you’re entitled to a child-care allowance. All half-day care groups are closed during the last week of the year. Do you receive a subsidy or do you have a pre-school and early-childhood contract? In that case you will automatically receive a contract for 48 weeks. The City of Amstelveen provides subsidies for 48 weeks. There will be no care for 2 weeks during the summer holidays, no care between Christmas and New-Year’s Day and no care on a few days throughout the year.



I have another question, who can I contact?
The Customer Relations department can at all times be contacted for any questions at