Educational policy

We are continually aware of the well-being of your child. Do they feel good? Are they enjoying themselves? A child that feels comfortable and at ease is open, inquisitive, spirited, satisfied, relaxed, self-confident and balanced. And that’s what we want to achieve and maintain with your child.
Fun, development, imagination and respect are the underlying principles of our staff’s pedagogical approach, but also the guidelines for how we set out our centers, for the materials we use, the daily routine we have in place, and the activities we offer the children.

An excellent policy demands the best people

KinderRijk gives children the chance to playfully develop into happy, strong and socially skilled people. The foundations of our pedagogical quality lie with our pedagogical staff. They understand their professions and are motivated by being able to work with children and making proper contact. Our staff draw on their knowledge and experience. More information on this can be found in our educational policy.

All of our childcare workers hold official qualifications and undertake additional extensive training and education programs. All of our management also have a pedagogical background.

The learning organisaiton

KinderRijk is renowned both nationally and internationally for its pedagogical approach. Colleagues from elsewhere in the Netherlands, but also from countries such as Sweden and Germany, regularly visit our centers to see how we put our knowledge into practice.
Through intensive collaboration with the best scientists and by assessing the quality of our curriculum, we continue to enhance our knowledge and quality. Assessment and improvement are a matter-of-course for us.

Partners in upbringing

KinderRijk provides a complementary environment to the home and school. An environment full of possibilities. In its care group, your child experiences different things, is challenged, and develops through their contact with other children and adults. This prepares the child for the challenges in the world around them. All in all, childcare at KinderRijk truly plays a part in your child’s upbringing. We place a lot of value on being able to exchange and adapt ideas with you as a parent. Together with you and the school, we can ensure that your child feels comfortable and that the transition to each new phase of their life is a natural one.