Various questions

How do we deal with familiarisation?

When it comes to familiarisation, we will as much as possible tie up with your child’s frame of mind. One child will feel at ease from the first day and has no problem staying a half or the whole day, whereas another child will have great difficulty getting used to new faces and staying at a group, and will therefore need more time to become familiarised.

The educational staff will keep a close eye on what is best for your child over the first few days and consult with you. Your child will be welcome from the very first day the contract takes effect. Any arrangements made with the educational staff during the introductory phase will be set down during the introductory conversation, but may be adjusted if this period does not quite turn out as expected.

Also in the case of a transfer to another group within the location, we will closely monitor that the introductory phase links up well with this specific child during the transfer to a new group. The educational staff member of the child’s own group will look after the child during the internal transfer.

Can i swap days occasionally?

If occasionally you are unable to use a placement day, you may swap days within one month before or after the respective placement day, provided that the size of the group, the number of available educational staff and children present and the group composition so permit. For example: if your child does not use child care on 10th March, this day may be swapped between 10th February and 9th April.

Only placement days on which the child normally goes to child care can be swapped. Public holidays and closing days (when the location is closed) cannot be used as swap days and also consecutive days on which the child cannot visit the location (e.g. holidays) cannot be swapped.

The educational staff will record the swap day in their agenda / planning. There is no charge to incidental day-swapping.

Can i continue nursing my child when it is in day care?

Yes, you are welcome to bring expressed breastmilk or to breastfeed your baby at the child-care location.

My child is ill. Can it go to child care?

Gathering in groups raises the risk of diseases. Some children’s diseases occur sooner in children who are together in a group than in children who do not visit child care. Coming together in groups raises the risk of illness and diseases. Some of the children’s diseases may sooner occur in children who are together in a group than in children who do not visit child care. It is always best to keep your child at home when it is ill. An ill child will not receive the attention it needs at the child-care location without it affecting the group. The educational staff must moreover prevent other children from becoming infected in the case of an infectious disease. KinderRijk’s policy is therefore that when you child is ill, it must not be taken to day care. Please notify the staff not later than by 9:30 hrs on the same day to report your child ill. More information about what to do when your child is ill?

We’re going on holiday soon. How do i let you know and will the childcare costs change?

You can inform the nursery group that your child will be absent. Absenteeism through holidays, illness or other reason does not constitute grounds for a refund in childcare costs.

How do i know if the kinderrijk centres are registered?

All of the KinderRijk centres and childminders are registered with the National Childcare and Playgroup Register (LRKP).

I’ve been made redundant. What should i do about childcare?

In these uncertain times, more and more parents are having to deal with redundancy. KinderRijk feels it is important for these parents to be able to continue to let their children attend childcare. If you or your partner become unemployed, we can offer you a special arrangement, so that your child can keep its familiar play environment at KinderRijk and you have time to apply for work. For more information on this facility, please contact our Customer Relations on +31 20 426 08 66 or

What is half-day care / toddler care?

At half-day care or toddler care we encourage children aged between two and four in their development and prepare them for primary school through fun and practice. Both toddlers or working and non-working parents are welcome. We provide toddler care at a number of locations between 8:00 and 13:00 hrs.

How does kinderrijk evaluates the welfare of my child with the childminder?

Twice a year, we talk to the childminder caring for your child. One of the meetings is very extensive and includes the use of an observation form. The second meeting is more general and concerns the care facilities. You also complete a form stating how you experience the childcare. We use your input in our meetings.

Why is a health and safety risk inventory carried out each year at the childminder’s?

The KinderRijk childminders must meet the requirements of the Dutch Childcare Act, so each year we complete a health and safety risk inventory. As a parent, you then sign the inventory.