Registration & Placement

I’d like to register my child for kinderrijk. How do I sign up?

You can register your child by calling one of our staff in our Customer Relations department on +31 20 426 08 66. They’ll then discuss your needs and requirements with you. You can also register your child using the registration form.

I’d like to visit a nursery to have a look around. Can I?

Of course you can! You can either contact the nursery you’d like to visit directly or, if you prefer, ask the Customer Relations staff to put you in touch with the nursery. We also have regular open days when you can call in without an appointment to get a taste of the atmosphere and find out more about the nursery.

Are places at any time available at the child-care location?

It depends on the location where you want to have a child-care place and the days when you need child care. A waiting list applies to some of the locations, for other locations we are sometimes able to provide a place in the short term. The more flexible you are in care days and the location, the sooner we can offer a place. Please go here for more details.

What is the minimum number of care days that must be taken?

A minimum number of two days applies to the child-care locations. A minimum placement of children of two mornings a week applies to toddler care.

This is done for educational purposes. We believe it is important that your child attends child care at least twice a week so as to give your child a chance to become thoroughly familiar with the staff, with the other children, the daily programme and the customs and practices. We make no exceptions to this.

A minimum placement of one day for Wednesdays and the Fridays applies to children aged between four and eight in after-school care. A minimum of two days of care is provided on the other days. Children from the age of eight can be placed one day a week at any day of the week.