Fees, payments and invoices

What is the KinderRijk bank account number?

KinderRijk’s bank account number is NL 05 RABO 0382 3655 26.

What are the fees for childcare?

What you pay for childcare largely depends on your level of income and the number of days your child attends the childcare.

For example, two days childcare in Amstelveen costs 663,85 euro a month. The component covered by government childcare benefit is taken off this amount, so you only pay a part of the total costs yourself. How much benefit you actually receive depends on your level of income. A family with gross annual income of 50,000 euro will ultimately pay just 225.77 euro  a month, the equivalent of 2.41 euro an hour.

To find out what your monthly costs could be, call our Customer Relations department on +31 20 426 08 66 or email klantrelaties@kinderrijk.nl. They can help you make a personal estimate.

What are the childminder fees based on?

The childminder fees are comprised of the payment to the childminder and administration charges from the childminding agency. KinderRijk acts as financial intermediary between you and the childminder.

How is the final childminding fee calculated?

The hourly fee depends on the number of hours, the childminder payment, and the total cost of supervision. The fee therefore includes all costs of childcare. Nappies, formula feed, and special foodstuffs are at your own expense.

When will I get the first invoice from my childminder?

The first invoice is sent around the 15th of the month following the month in which childcare took place. Prior to the first month of childcare, you are expected to pay a deposit. The amount of the deposit depends on the number of hours of childcare registered.

KinderRijk sends you an invoice for the registered number of childcare hours based on the hourly time sheet completed and signed by the childminder before the fifth of the subsequent month.

What is meant by childminding costs of supervision?

The liaison between you and the childminder involves administration costs. These are divided into fixed and variable costs. The fixed costs consist of a fixed amount per month per child. The variable costs are the costs per hour of attendance. For childminding, this is a variable cost of supervision per child; for childcare in the home, this is an amount for the total number of children.

How are the childcare costs calculated for childminding services in the home when there are both children of school age and under school age?

The childminding agency divides the hourly fee over the number of children actually cared for. For instance, there are three children, one of which attends primary school. On a Wednesday, the hourly rate is split across two children in the morning, and over three children in the afternoon. The total costs for you are therefore constant, but the division per child per hour is necessary for tax purposes. You therefore receive a separate calculation of the hourly fee for each child.