Fees, payments and invoices

What is the KinderRijk bank account number?

KinderRijk’s bank account number is NL 05 RABO 0382 3655 26.

What are the fees for childcare?

What you pay for childcare largely depends on your level of income and the number of days your child attends the childcare.

For example, two days childcare in Amstelveen costs 663,85 euro a month. The component covered by government childcare benefit is taken off this amount, so you only pay a part of the total costs yourself. How much benefit you actually receive depends on your level of income. A family with gross annual income of 50,000 euro will ultimately pay just 225.77 euro  a month, the equivalent of 2.41 euro an hour.

To find out what your monthly costs could be, call our Customer Relations department on +31 20 426 08 66 or email klantrelaties@kinderrijk.nl. They can help you make a personal estimate.