Changes in your situation

I would like to change my current registration. How?

You can pass on any changes to your registration to our Customer Relations staff by calling +31 20 426 08 66 or emailing

I would like to change my current placement days. How?

You should contact one of our Customer Relations staff on +31 20 426 08 66 or Depending on availability, they can either offer you the days you would like or place your child on an internal waiting list. Your child will have precedence over children not yet placed in the nursery.

My child has a place in a nursery/playgroup/with a childminder. Do they automatically get a place in the after school care?

Yes. All clients of KinderRijk have precedence, so your child can be assured of childcare from birth until they leave primary school. It’s a unique facility in Amstelveen. Once your child has turned three, one of our Customer Relations staff will contact you about your school choice and to discuss which days you would like your child to attend the After School Care. The After School Care (ASC) centre is selected based on your choice of school.

I have a childminder for my first child. Do i have to register again for my second child?

Yes. You should always register a second/different child separately.

What do i have to do to change the number of hours arranged with the childminder?

Inform our childminding agency as soon as possible. At least one month’s notice should be given for any changes (including reductions) in the number of attendance hours or days made by either party.

When does my child’s placement agreement terminate?

Your child’s placement agreement for nursery care for 0-4 year’s runs up to and including the child’s fourth birthday. The After School Care agreement terminates when the child leaves primary school and runs up until and including the last day of the summer holiday. Alternative end dates are, of course, possible. Please contact the Customer Relations department to discuss possibilities. One month’s notice is required at all times.

The agreement may be extended on request at least six months prior to the original date of termination, and is dependent on availability.

I would like to change the number of attendance days/stop the childcare entirely? How?

If you would like to change the number of attendance days or stop the childcare entirely, you should put it in writing and send it by mail or email to

If you should cancel the contract before the summer holidays and re-register your child(ren) after the holidays, there is no guarantee that any places will still be available at the same group/location on the same care days. Administration cost of € 75.- will furthermore be charged.

How much notice should be given?

A one month period of notice holds for each type of childcare provided by KinderRijk. You can terminate a placement agreement on whatever day you like; the period of notice commences from the moment KinderRijk receives written confirmation of the termination. For instance, if we receive your letter cancelling the placement agreement on 13 March, the agreement will terminate on 13 April, or, if required, a later date.

Any changes or reductions in the number of attendance days are also subject to one month’s notice.

Are there any exceptions to the period of notice?

The period of notice is fixed. You sign your agreement to it in the contract and there is no deviation possible. If you have found a place elsewhere within the month’s period of notice, you may arrange for the start date with the new organisation to be changed to adhere to the period of notice. Start dates are, after all, flexible.