What are the fees for childcare?

KinderRijk offers two packages comprising of 51 or 52 weeks of care. If you opt for package 52 weeks of care, your location will be open during weekdays, except on public holidays. In a package of 51 weeks there will be no care for your child during the week between Christmas and New Year’s day.

We keep it simple

Our fees are always all­-inclusive to make sure that you will not be faced with additional charges. Nappies and nutrition* are of course included, and we also provide (hot) meals, fresh fruit, dairy products and healthy snacks for your child. Even music and dance classes, homework help, trips and taxi transport from school to the child-care location are included in the fee.

* At our day care, nutrition is included in the fees, except if diet nutrition or specific nutrition requirements are needed. Click here to read more about our assortment and our policy on specific nutrition requirements at parents’ request.

What fee will you be paying per month?

To make things easy for you, the calculation tool below will show you at a glance the net cost of child care 2017.

Do you need any advice? Don’t hesitate to call or mail our customer-relations department. Call number 020 426 08 66 or send an email to klantrelaties@kinderrijk.nl.

 Fees 2018

Would you like to choose another package?
If you would like to switch, please do so before December 1st 2017. This way we will be able to timely handle your request. 

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