Additional care days and swapping days

Incidentally, an additional care day can be requested from the educational staff of the permanent group. They will go and see if your request is feasible. They will consider if the size of the group, the professional/child ratio (the number of children per staff member) and the group composition allow for this.

If it’s possible to use an additional (part of the) day, a number of forms need to be completed and signed. Your child will be added to the presence list on the respective day. You will receive an invoice one month afterwards.

Swapping days

Incidentally, it’s possible to swap a day. This option can be requested from the educational staff. Days can be swapped within one month before or after the respective day. Example: if your child does not use care on 10 March, this day can be swapped between 10 February and 9 April. This is only possible if the group size, the professional-child ratio (the number of children per staff member) and the group composition allow for this.

Only placement days on which the child normally visits care can be swapped. Public holidays and closing days (when the location is closed) cannot be used as swap days and also consecutive days on which your child is unable to come (for example because of holidays) cannot be swapped.

The educational staff note down the swapped day in their agenda/planning. Incidental day swapping involves no charges.


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