Combi care

No two children are the same, which is why we’re keen to provide custom care. We want your child to receive the appropriate care.

For this reason, it could be useful to consider a combination of host-parent care and day care or after-school care. Such a combination actually offers the best of both worlds: the comfort and intimacy of care at a host parent or at home on the one hand, and the social contacts, the group dynamics and challenges of care in a group on the other. This could fit in really well with your child and your work pattern. Or perhaps you have several children and you find that you’re better able to create a calm environment when they go home from school with a host parent now and then. Or perhaps one of your children performs really well in a group whereas your other child needs to play quietly at home.

In short, plenty reasons to consider the possibilities of combi care. Our customer-relations department will be pleased to give you further information. They can be contacted at or by telephone on number 020 426 08 66. Further reading about combi care is available from the experience of a parent at KinderRijk.