Childminders for ages 0 to 12

When you want your child to be looked after in a family environment while you are at work, either in your own home or at a childminder’s, then our childminding services are what you need. Childminders provide small-scale, flexible childcare, on any day of the week, and at any hour. If you have more than one child, then childminding in your own home is the obvious choice. However, taking your child to the childminder’s home has the advantage that at the end of your working day, you’ll find your own home in exactly the same state you left it! Whichever you choose, KinderRijk aan Huis can help you.

Find more information on the website of KinderRijk aan Huis.

If you opt to use our childminding services, our intermediaries will find the right match for you, your child and the childminder. We take your needs and requirements and couple them with those of the childminder.

There is a legal limit to the number of children a childminder can look after, depending on the age of the children. The childminding agency knows all the relevant terms and conditions and ensures that the childminder has exactly the right maximum number of children in their care.

If your childminder is ill or on holiday, you can ask the childminding agency to arrange a replacement. We also have a number of childminders available for emergency childcare. Bearing in mind the welfare of your child, we do advise you to first try and find a trusted replacement carer from your own immediate network.