Altijd in de buurt

Moving is always exciting, not just for you but especially for you child.


Soon you will move or you have just moved into your home. This will take some getting used to, a new environment with new faces in perhaps a whole new city. At KinderRijk we are happy to help you in this time full of adjustments. We do this by providing child care throughout Amstelveen for children aged 0 to 12 years. We believe that the right child care can offer children a trusted second home. This will give your child all oppurtunities for new friendships and possibilities to discover.

With 14 Daycare and 17 After School Care (ASC) facilities throughout Amstelveen we are always just around the corner!


At KinderRijk we offer daycare facilities at beautiful locations throughout Amstelveen, where your child is welcome from the age of eight weeks. When your child is at least two years old you can also choose for our Toddler care (half-day toddler, HDO). In Amstelveen we offer 15 After School Care (ASC) locations. All these locations are linked to a primary school and in many cases the school and the ASC are even located in the same building.