Working with primary schools

Whichever primary school your child goes to in Amstelveen, there’s probably a KinderRijk school that works with it, and the ASC in Amsterdam also works with a primary school. A number of our centres collaborate intensively with the schools so as to support the learning pathways for children aged nought to twelve. When your child leaves nursery, they can simply move on to the After School Care centre. The ASC staff will collect your child from school and walk to the ASC centre with them.

Covenant with primary schools

KinderRijk has signed a covenant with education partners Amstelwijs and Onderwijsgroep Amstelland. The covenant sets out agreements concerning services, the educational climate, personnel, opening hours, information exchange and responsibility.

Equal partners

We have jointly committed to a common vision in which we declare to work as equal partners. Professionalism in childcare and education can mean more together than separately and we exploit these possibilities to the full. Parents see this reflected in the partnerships we uphold not only between KinderRijk and the primary schools, but also with, for example, the Amstelveen music and dance school.

A glimpse of the future

A lot of children at primary school in Amstelveen go to after school care and KinderRijk is one of the largest ASC providers. That’s why we feel it is essential that education and childcare are well aligned both conceptually and practically.
We’re convinced that education and childcare will increasingly rely on each other with, ultimately, the aim being to provide four to twelve year olds with the optimal format for their day. A clear, continuous path from childcare to school with the best possible alignment creates calm and stability for both your child and yourself.
Our partnership with some schools is relatively developed; other relationships are still being built. Whatever the case, our ASC team is driven to intensify its contact with school management.

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