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By the end of the sixties, it was the parents who took the initiative to set up the KinderRijk foundation. The Netherlands was in dire need of well-educated women and young families were trying to find new ways to combine raising their children and providing care. The close parent commitment has never left and provides us, the KinderRijk staff, with many benefits.

Besides their work, parents find time and put energy in the read-aloud days, organise the music during the summer festival or make great photographs of these events. When we ask parents for their opinion, at least 60 per cent take the effort to complete a questionnaire and when it comes to participation, the parents are well represented in all the parents’ committees.

KinderRijk is a non-profit organisation.

Organizational structure

KinderRijk is a non-profit organisation.

Adoption of several restrictions to the director’s powers has been opted for. These are included in the organisation’s articles of assocation. The Supervisory Board exercises supervision and gives advice to the board of governors. The board of governors is scrupulously monitored by the parents’ committee with regard to the parents’ interest as well as the employees’ council for the staff’s interest. Read more about our organizational structure. 

Our partners

KinderRijk cooperates with many parties in numerous areas. This enables us to maintain high standards and provide for the parents’ needs. First of all, covenants have been entered into with a number of educational institutions to ensure the best possible development for children aged between 0 and 12. In order to provide the most appealing and varied range of activities, we also work with local parties in dance activities, culture, sports and play. In addition, good cooperation is in place with municipalities, care institutions and other organisations within the sector. Read more about our partners. 

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